A multidisciplinary collective of 13 young creatives is reviving the former ENIWA Werkhof in Aarau. In the last week of August, numerous site-specific works in music / installation / visual arts / photography / video will be created on the power station island. The theme of connection winds like a red thread through the area, linking different art disciplines, indoor and outdoor spaces, people, living beings and objects. The public exhibition of works will take place all day on Saturday and Sunday and invites visitors to discover and linger.

Lara Alarcón (Voice), Luis Sanz (Electronics) & Cyrill Ferrari (El. Guitar) | Vera Baumann (Voice) & Benjamin Heller (Visual Art) | Johanna Pärli (Double Bass) & Christophe Muheim (Double Bass) | Kevin Sommer (Clarinet) & Petra Njezic (Visual Art) | Martín Richiusa (Film) | Lukas Briner (Drums/Video) | Michael Cina (Drums) | Benjamin Suppiger (Photography)


Ehemaliger ENIWA Werkhof, Kraftwerkinsel Aarau
Erlinsbacherstrasse 57, 5000 Aarau.
From Aarau railway station on foot or bus no. 2 in the direction of Erlinsbach to Alte Badeanstalt. Parking spaces at the Schachen open-air swimming pool.

The former storage space of the Aarau energy supplier Eniwa has been empty since 2018 and will be demolished in the next few years in the course of the new construction of the hydroelectric power plant. The area will be renaturalised. The main building consists of a large empty high-bay warehouse with raw, concrete walls and elongated, vertical windows. On the upper floors are the former company kitchen, a workshop and various offices. The rooms are unchanged in furnishings and fittings since the 1960s/70s.

Dates & Fees

Saturday 27. of August Afternoon/ Evening
Sunday 28. of August Afternoon/ Evening

Entry Fees
CHF 10 / 20 / 30 (Small, Medium, Big Wallet)
Ticketshop, Café & Bistro with food on location


In addition to the public presentation on 27 & 28.08. we have invited 3 guests who will give us input during the week. The lectures are public and each at 20:00.

24.08. Cornelia Gasser

Everything with and about Materials

Cornelia Gasser

25.08. Maison Matrice

Living Together and Work in The Maison Matrice

26.08. Maurice de Martin

How to Design Participatory Art & Music Projects?
Maurice de Martin

Supported By:

Argauer Kuratorium | Stadt Aarau | AKB Lebensraum Aargau | Stadt Luzern | Migros Kulturprozent | Credit Suisse | Kanton Luzern | Alber Koechlin Stiftung | Godi Hertig Stiftung | Ruth und Edith Suter Stiftung